Floral Design Classes With Mayumi


Mayumi-Classes-NEW“When I design an arrangement, I put myself in a peaceful and beautiful location. The allows me to tap into the creativity and design side of my mind.” – Mayumi Hashiyama 

Many of us find ourselves hosting family gatherings and social events in our homes. Our menus are set, the linens are pressed, and the good china adorns the table; and the centerpieces…. well, they are pre-made from the local grocery store. 

Floristry, even for the home, is an art. Why not go ahead a make a statement? You can learn the floral design for your home that incorporates elements of Japanese Ikebana and modern floristry to create beautiful arrangements from your own surroundings. Nature expresses itself through flowers; through each branch, each leaf, and each bloom. Floral arrangement is learning the language of nature to bring the beauty and wonder of the natural world into your home. 

Mayumi offers both Western-style floral arranging classes, and also Japanese Ikebana instruction. She can teach you the basics of design and florsitry, giving you a good foundation to allow you to practice your artistic abilities fluently. Mayumi teaches privately, for a one-on-one learning experience. Mayumi also offers group sessions, which are always fun for groups of 10 or more that wish to to learn holiday decorating. These classes are always fun and insightful for everyone from beginners to advanced florists wishing to further their skill sets. 

To schedule your classes, call Mayumi at (706) 587-1100.