Advice to the Newly Engaged Bride

Did you unwrap something sparkly this Christmas? We know you are over the moon about it! We are, too; and we also know that you’re ready to get that wedding planned ASAP! And by ASAP, you mean planned by next  Tuesday. We get it, we really do. So, we thought we’d put together a little list for you, the newly engaged bride, to help you get started.

Gather Ideas – Mayumi has what she calls Inspiration Boards. This is where she puts ideas and collections together as a visual starting point. A visual starting point is simply a gathering of your ideas and things that catch your eye. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or even be realistic. It just gets your mind going in a to a place that, hopefully, makes your heart start singing.  Some are old-school magazine clippings and photos; but since this is the modern age, she also has a Pinterest page with several sets of Inspiration Boards denoted to season, color, and even one that is an eclectic mix. You can follow her Pinterest boards at You’ll learn a great deal about yourself and what you truly enjoy versus whatever trend is going around at the time. Speaking of trends…


Trends – We love a good trend, don’t get us wrong, but we want you to be true to yourself. We also don’t want your wedding photos to be dated in a few years. So, ladies, we recommend exposing yourself to all kinds of design ideas and feel what resonates with you before consigning yourself to a trend as an entire theme. What’s an expression of you? The more you explore, the more you will know. 


Establish a Budget – This is not the most fun part, but it is the most important. Budgets are where many decisions get made, and that’s not a bad thing. Vendors can work within a reasonable budget very well. As businesspeople, we do this daily. We’d never want you to spend outside of your budget and look back on your special day with regret. So having a very real conversation about your budget with your family (if they are helping finance your wedding) and your future spouse, gives us the parameters to make your wedding come to life. 


So there you have it; a few items to jump-start your wedding brainstorming session! As always, we can’t wait to hear from you! Call us at (706) 587-1100 to schedule a consultation! Feel free to follow us on Facebook for all the latest news!