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Mayumi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Since Mayumi was a little girl, she showed a great interest in the beauty of nature. Her older sister formally studied the art of Ikebana, the art of Japanese style flower arrangement. When she would bring home samples of her work, Mayumi was greatly excited by the beautiful arrangements she saw. Later in life, Mayumi studied under a famous Ikebana professor, who was the founder of the “kado sobi” school. After many years of studying Ikebana and receiving a certificate of mastery from her professor, Mayumi began to exhibit her works in fashionable art boutiques in Ginza, Tokyo. In 1985, Mayumi moved to Boulder, Colorado to study English at the University of Colorado.

In 1990, she married her husband, Wayne, whose family has owned and operated Wholesale Florist and Supply, Inc., in Columbus, Georgia for the past 50 years. Many of her friends were struck by the “karma” of this marriage. In her works today, Mayumi strives to continue what she has learned over the years and further the skills she has learned from her teacher, which include not only floral insights, but deep meanings about life and nature. Mayumi’s life today centers around her close relationship with her fifteen-year-old daughter, who follows her works closely and studies ideas from what she sees for her own future wedding plans.

Mayumi’s desire as a floral designer is to capture a sense of wonder and excitement that she sees in the eyes of her daughter and to convey this feeling in her wedding consultation with her future brides and to make each little girl’s dream of a perfect wedding come true.